The Guards of the Sands

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Description :

Live the wonders of the sea in your parade!

Two impressive scorpions show up in this parade. Tiamont created them to fight against the gods, but they were defeated in the end and these beings, half scorpion and half human, were punished to live as the guards of the doors towards dark lands.

In these hot and inhospitable lands, a group of brave warriors will fight the ferocious Scorpions to free the world of the dark and bad conjure. Without any doubt, this performance will be complemented with a colourful show and movement.

Technical data :

- Figures: 2 scorpions transported by the technical team, 3 m Height  x 2.5 m Width x 6 m Length.

– Music equipment of 2000 w, generator of 6 kva.

–  8 dancers, 2 actors and 9 technicians.

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