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Description :

Legend has it that in the dark lands of witches and trolls the most terrible dragon that never lived there . This be hiding a terrible secret. The dragon, eager to power, decided to kidnap the princess locking her in the dungeon of their dark caves . The beautiful princess lived with the illusion that someday reach their valiant knight and rescue . The time has come and you will see the hard confrontation between flames of fire where the gentleman will free the princess.

Technical data :

- Figure Drag dragon-shaped : Height 4.2 mt .. .. sitting and 6 mt raised 2.4 mt .. x width x length 8.5 mt .. The figure stands up and raises his arms lifted where parades support an actor .

– Sound equipment 2000w generator 6kva and lighting LED bulbs with 2 colors and 4 150w halogen bulbs .

– Optional smoke machine .

– Line Dance with 12 girls , 2 and 3 players technicians.

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