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Description :

Who does not like fantasy? Our sweet and colourful fairies will make you travel to a magic world with a special performance because they will mix with the spectators and will be able to draw a smile on their faces. They give love and happiness while accompany their Fairy Queen, whom children and grown-ups will watch up because of her majesty. It is a street show with the most suitable environmental music that will make you dream!

It is one of our most popular shows and lots of times performanced.

Technical data :

- A figure with the shape of the skirt of the Fairy Queen. (Measures: 4 m Height with the actress x 2.4 m Width). An actress will come with the hidden equipment inside and pushed by 4 porters.

– Music equipment of 1000 or 2000 w. Generator of 6 kva.

–  6 woman dancers (including make-up), 4 porters and 1 technician.

– Actors dressing like fauns are optional, therefore not included in the quotation.

– People and float transport are included.

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