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Description :

Let yourself go to the pirates´ times with this dancing women group, who show their exotic dances and rhythmic movements in the street parade. People of any age like them. These pirate women come before the big galleon  sailing in the seas, together with actors playing within the spectators to make them take part in the performance so they will always remember it.

Technical data :

- Autonomous: 4,5 m Height x 2,4 m Width x 11  m Length. This float with ship shape moves like if it were navigating in the sea, drawing up and down the prow or the astern, moving towards the side or the starboard.

– Music equipment of 2000 w, generator of 8 kva and lights: 1 focus of halogenuro of 1000 w, six halogen focuses of 150 w.

– Optional smoke machine.

– 10 dancers, 4 actors, 2  long-legged actors (optional) and 2 technicians.