About us

Our beginning and a short history

You are going to find professionalism within Carrozas López as a consequence of a long run in the artistic world, thanks to more than 50 years working in this art sector. Our enterprise has been working on floats, street shows and other artistic creations for a long time. Living in this kind of business since they were children, Luis and Armando López are the third generation of artists who manage the company.

Experience allows us to say that we make your dreams come true, like the ones we had since we were children have come true. We still can remember how our grandfather used to make cardboard constructions to be burned later during the town festivals since the late 50´s. inicio

We can go wherever you are to bring magic to your town.



Your big dreams become real in this warehouse. We are located in Elche (Alicante). We work in a warehouse which is 2,000 square meters big, surrounded by 8,000 sq. meters of land where we can build up your dream.

How do we work?

Let´s our work speak for us. Get to know us! Floats » shows »




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